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product arrow Central Control System 9000

1) Built-in serial port: 8 ports, DB9 female interface, 4 of them are bidirectional transmission RS232 interface, 2 of them are RS485 interfaces and 2 of them are unidirectional transmission RS232 interfaces. The serial port can be set at will to control all sorts of communication equipments.
2) Built-in infrared port: 4 ports, 3.81mm interface, can independently control the infrared remote control equipments. The infrared light can conduct self-study through the buttons and indicator lamps on the front panel, and the operations are very easy.
3) Built-in WLAN port and network card slot. The unit can be upgraded to network remote controller through adding a network card.
4) Support various controlling methods such as wireless/cable panels on wall, wireless/cable touch screens, computer software and network control.
5) Built-in AV6X3 full tangent matrix, and 3 way stereo sound non-synchronous volume control and Bulit-in VGA4*3 full tangent matrix